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Away Message, Sweet Pass Sculpture Park, Dallas, TX, curated by Trey Burns and Tamara Johnson
Dream House, Gloria's , Brooklyn, NY, Curated by Kate Gavriel
✓ Off-White Columns Anniversary Show, Phillips Auction House, New York, NY, Curated by Jason Osborne

✓ Solo show, Off-White Columns, New York, NY, Curated by Jason Osborne
✓ Group show, Klaus von Nichtssagend, New York, NY
✓ Noise Margins, Resort Gallery, Baltimore, MD, Curated by Seth Adelsberger and Alex Ebstein
✓ Jam (solo), DĄĄB Oak, Brooklyn, NY
✓ It's All About Lizards!, Good Work Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
✓ Facsimile, The Ace Hotel, Chicago, IL, Curated by Britton Bertran

✓ Charrette, King's Leap, Brooklyn, NY, Curated by Eduardo Alfonso

✓ The Right Margin, Small Editions, Brooklyn, NY, Curated by Alt Esc
✓ Fung Wah Biennial Exhibition, Flux Factory, Queens, NY

✓ Colophon (solo), Veronica, Seattle , WA
✓ Meownifesto, ValeRina Gallerina, Ridgewood, NY
✓ The Annual Biennale: Inaugural Etsy Employee Art Show, Etsy HQ, Brooklyn, NY
✓ The Sorcerer/Apprentice, Good Work Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
✓ Cruft (solo), Transfer Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
✓ Drawings, Klaus von Nichtssagend, New York, NY

✓ It's in the Cards, Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery, 547 West 27th St, New York, NY, Curated by David Gimbert
✓ Double Solitaire (solo), et al Projects, Brooklyn, NY

✓ The Fifth Age of Glass, et al Projects, Harlem, NY, Curated by Daddy
✓ Gifpumper Launch and Group Show, Eyebeam, New York, NY, Organized by Slava Balasanov
✓ Net Work I.R.L. (in this room), USC Roski MFA Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, Organized by Donnie Cervantes
✓ I Choo-Choo-Choose You, Wayfarers, Brooklyn, NY, Organized by George Ferrandi
✓ Live/Work Die Hard, In The Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY, Organized by Piotr Shtyk and Ye Qin Zhu
✓ Permanent Collection, PACS GAllery, Brooklyn, NY, Organized by Ben Sisto and Denise Kupfershmidt
✓ APACSment Show, PACS GAllery, Brooklyn, NY, Organized by Ben Sisto

✓ Microfortnight, The Brooklyn Public Assembly, Brooklyn, NY, Curated by Ben Sisto
✓ The Weight of the Words, Stuffinablank.com, online exhibition, Curated by Pedro Torres
✓ An Exchange with Sol LeWitt, MASS MoCA/Cabinet, North Adams, MA and Brooklyn, NY, Curated by Regine Basha
✓ Salad Days, Old York Cellars, Newton, NJ, Organized by Narendra Haines
✓ Solid Surface (solo), PACS Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Organized by Ben Sisto

✓ Black & White & Read All Over, NP Contemporary Art Center, New York, NY, Curated by Wesley Stokes
✓ TOP/LESS, TOPLESS, Queens, NY, Curated by Kevin Gallagher
✓ VOX VI, Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, Juried by William Powhida and Jennifer Dalton
✓ Buddy Systems, Charlie Horse Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Curated by Ben Sisto and James Corrigan

✓ I'm Feeling Lucky: New Work by Joshua Caleb Weibley (solo), The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York, NY
✓ The Best Rapper Alive (WWWD?), The Bushwick Starr, Brooklyn, NY, Curated by Audrey Berman and Pete Deevakul
✓ Apartment Show: Hugs & Knishes, The NADA Emerging Artists Party, with L Magazine at Bumble & Bumble, New York, NY, Curated by Joshua Smith and Denise Kupferschmidt
✓ Apartment Show: If the Dogs Are Barking, Artists Space, New York, NY, Curated by Joshua Smith and Denise Kupferschmidt
✓ Night of Performances, Envoy Gallery, New York, NY, Curated by Hannah Herr

✓ Auspices, Fourth Street Arts Block, New York, NY, Curated by Joyce Manalo (public commission on view from September 2008-January 2009)


NYC Creative Salon, Project: Artspace, New York, NY, Discussion moderated by Aaron Zulpo

If You Leave: A Panel Discussion on Artist Retention in Philadelphia", Art/Assembly, Philadelphia, PA, Moderated by Meredith Sellers and Jonathan Santoro

✓ "It's in the Cards" panel discussion, Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery, New York, NY, with Scott Goodman and Andrew Graham, moderated by Charles J. Pratt

✓ "Slide Show," Department of Alternative Activities, City Hall, Philadelphia, PA, curated by Kelani Nicole for Little Berlin
✓ "New Directions in Drawing Symposium," Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, British Columbia, Organized by Kristina Fiedrich and Gardiner Funo O'Kain
✓ "Katz Rules Everything Around Me: Visual Art and Fair Use," Washington Post Conference Center, Washington, DC, Panel moderated by Ben Sisto

✓ "Assembly Line," The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, Project Space, New York, NY, Organized by Sally Szwed
✓ "Bad Education: Lessons in Pedagogy from Jacques Rancière and Paulo Freire," Sculpture Storage: The Cave at La Mama Galleria, La Mama Galleria, New York, NY, Curated by Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff


✓ "Ephemeroptera," featuring Doug Ashford, Peter Coffin, Joy Drury Cox, Lucia Hierro, Jason Hirata, Evan McGraw, Sophy Naess and Peter Wilson, The Hand, Brooklyn, NY

✓ Ace Hotel AIR Programming, March 2016, featuring Alli Miller, Sun You, PK Worryshop, Zachary Davis and Rebecca Friedman, New York, NY

✓ The Annual Biennale: Inaugural Etsy Employee Art Show, Etsy HQ, Brooklyn, NY

✓ "Ben Sisto: Used Books,"  Curated by Joshua Caleb Weibley, Good Work Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

✓ Heft: Everett Brown, Rachael Browning, Gabrielle D'Angelo and Christhian Diaz,  The Beam Center
✓ The Bruce High Quality Foundation University Visiting Lecture Series, BHQFU, Coordinator, winter semester

✓ Cooper Union Intradisciplinary Lecture Series, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, Coordinator, 2008-2009


Web Safe 2k16, edited by Ben Sisto and Jo Livingstone

✓ Higher Arc #4, curated by Kim Brockett

✓ A Similar but Different Quality #3, edited by Helena Zhang
✓ Sessions Polivalents #2, FoxyFax, a project of Hangar.org


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The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art (2005-2009), Bachelor of Fine Arts degree


White Columns Curated Artist Registry 2012-
✓ Millay Colony for the Arts resident, April 2012
The Drawing Center Viewing Program 2011-
✓ Michael S. Vivo Memorial Prize for excellence in drawing 2009
✓ Rebello Art Scholarship Fund 2005-2009


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